a good song takes you far

--- travelogue's four groundbreaking albums Eastbound, Chinese Soul, The Light Is On and Foreclosure are now available with new cover art on amazon, applemusic, spotify... you name it! have a listen and enjoy our classcis!


live at the kunsthaus

Following their instrumental debut ("Eastbound", 2003) and two studio productions with singers Sophie Dunér ("Chinese Soul", 2011) and Coco Rouzier ("The Light Is On", 2016), Werner Fischer and his band Travelogue present their new album "Foreclosure", a passionate instrumental live recording. The line-up consists of saxophonist Jürg Wickihalder, drummer Gabriel Schiltknecht, pianist Roberto Domeniconi and bassist Fredi Meli. In addition to Fischer's driving jazz compositions, the recording shows the lyrical sides of the band as well as a certain affinity for free improvisation.


  • Sight(not)seeing
  • Timeline (Metheny)
  • D'Rosmarie und i (Hofer-Ammann)
  • Step By Step
  • A Gentle Breeze
  • Breaking At The Palace
  • Angel In The Hallway
  • Kepler 452b


jürg wickihalder - tenor sax
Werner Tian Fischer - guitar
Roberto Domeniconi - piano
Fredi Meli - double bass
Gabriel Schiltknecht - drums


Music composed & arranged by Werner Tian Fischer (except where indicated)

Recorded live on Oct. 8, 2016 at the Kunsthaus Glarus by Urs Hauser

Mixed and mastered by Patrik Schwitter

Produced by Werner Tian Fischer and Lukas Vogel

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